Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Origami cuties

For some reason, I have been possessed by doing origami animals recently ... it all started with this cat, which led to this bunny, which led to a conversation with my sister who directed me to a panda (thank you Miss Yuka Nakamura for panda instructions...).

Mr Panda currently safely deposited with my Japanophile, panda-loving friend Kat, who just had a baby a couple of weeks ago ... Happy Baby Ted and Kat!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Post-clicky pipes

Now that we have our clicky pipes problem sorted - someone had to put all the carpets back ... so that was my job for today (that's me stapling down underlay before putting the carpet back down and stretching and tucking it under the skirting boards) while Sunshine installed a new (more efficient and powerful) radiator in the back bedroom. As it is shorter than the original radiator; some pipe cutting and moving was required ... Finally the upstairs is a MUCH warmer space than it has ever been ... just in time for the recent cold spell we have been having too.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Clicky pipes

The heating pipes in our house click - a lot! I think its to do with when they expand due to the change in temperature and hit nearby pipes and bits of floor joists etc. While i was away visiting Dadu, Sunshine decided that he was going to have a go at remedying the situation... As you can see, he has taken up bits of carpet in the upstairs bedrooms, and then lined joints with scraps of fabric ... and oh my has it made a difference!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Quiet on the blogging front as I was away visiting my poorly grandma - my Dadu. Fortunately by the time I got there she was feeling much better having responded well to the medication she was given. We talked crochet and I shared with her all the work we were doing on the house (via this blog). My sister (in blue - who lives in Australia), and my Aunt, both of whom I haven't seen in 2 years were there too so it was nice to just hang out with the family ...

Dadu - we love you. I hope I have inherited your longetivity genes!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

For the last few years (I think since we moved to Bristol) we've been making lists around the Christmas/New Year time. A list of nice things that we did/happened/achievements; and one as a list of plan for the following year. We also go through the Plans list from the previous year (see above) to see and tick off what we have accomplished.

As we came to the end of the year and I started reflecting on all that had happened I was dreading writing up our "Nice things" list. I couldn't get beyond the fact that this year has been the year of loss; of death; of loosing my innocence in a major way. I've gained so many gray hairs that I've actually started dyeing them ...

In the last 15 months we have lost 5 people very close to us, and if you include all those lost within our immediate and close circle of friends and family, it comes up to a total of 13 ... The universe has taken from us the old; the young, the unborn; the sick and the healthy. I have probably cried more this year than when I was a baby. I've not really written about these things on this blog, partly for privacy; but also partly because I just don't know how to...

But then we came to write out what good things HAD happened to us this year - and the biggest and most important thing was the House. Doing up the house has been our therapy. The house has been the thing that has grounded us and kept us sane. The house is what Sunshine and I have been working on together - our first proper collaboration. It has brought us much closer and made us realise what a good team we are. We owe a lot to this house. To our Home.

Anyways, we had a very very productive Christmas doing DIY and a fantastic New Year with friends and lots and LOTS of dancing. Things can only get better in 2012 ...

Sunshine and I raise a glass (of home-made mulled wine?) to all our friends and family and wish you all a Happy Healthy Joyful Peaceful and Fantastic 2012!