Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hallway Part 18

In the evenings in the last week, and over this weekend, we have been ploughing on with the painting in the hallway. So lots of caulking happened; we have added the second coat of paint on all the walls, and the bulk of the woodwork has been done too. Phew!

Apart from a snagging list of little bits of painting and tidying up (don't buy B&Q's own masking tape - its dreadful, and pulls the paint with it when you take it off!)...

And here, how the hallway is looking (L-R), looking in from the front door; looking down from the stairs; looking up at the upstairs. All tidy and nice!

I also just realised that nowhere in all the hallway updates have I mentioned that we bought ourselves a length of coir matting to put down by the front door to act as a large door mat. So happy that we did - infact wish we'd bought a bigger piece that went all the way to the inner front door. Edging the mat is on our snagging list, but its perfectly functional as is.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Autumn Sunrise

Both Sunshine and I were wide awake at 6:30 this morning (must have been all that chocolate at his parents last night!). As a joke I suggested that maybe we should just get up and go find somewhere to see the sunrise ... and somehow the idea caught on... Looking it up it appears there's not many good views of the sunrise from Bristol (lots to be found of the sunset), so we thought we'd just hedge our bets and head up to the Observatory overlooking Clifton Suspension bridge. All wrapped up and flask of tea at the ready, we drove up to Clifton in the cold but fortunately dry morning ... sooooooooo glad we did! The sunrise was a bit hidden round the corner behind some trees and a crane, but it was lovely to be up that early in the quiet city and watch it wake up.

We then headed into Clifton village for some hot chocolate and toast and then back home to DIY ...

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hallway Part 17

Another weekend's push on the hallway... MCP came round again and we masked, sanded and painted. Can't quite see it here (got too dark to take any decent photos by the end), but by the end of Sunday we had most of the hallway, upstairs (done ages ago) and downstairs with their first coat of paint... its coming together now and I need to start thinking about lamshades and picture frames :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hallway Part 16

So, after a few weekends off (term has started and Sunshine has been REALLY busy with lecturing and stuff), we had another go this weekend at tidying up the bits of the hallway that needed doing like sanding and prepping all the skirting boards, including making ready all the little bits of wood that need screwing into the walls for the skirting boards to attach to; fixing the door frames that got damaged when we pulled the old floorboards up (you can just about see the trip-hazard we've put up for ourselves on the inside front door frame - its to hold in place the glued and screwed door frame that had been splaying outwards and making us not be able to close the door properly).

Sunshine's dad came to help again and by the end of the weekend we had the bulk of the stuff down and ready for PAINTING :)

*erm, yes, the front garden path is still not totally filled and covered yet ... seems to have dropped off our priority list at the moment ...