Monday, 27 February 2012

Yurt living...

Well I'll be ... it appears I have forgotten about blogging for a while ... weeeeeeeelll, not really forgotten - just been too busy. And none of what I've been busy with seemed worth blogging about - illustration work, dance teaching etc. Yesterday seemed to be the first day in weeks that I felt like I had time to just go away and enjoy the day ... and so we did!

We loaded up our trusty steed Bramble, and went on a 45 miles tandem ride into the countryside to visit our friends Amy and Guy who live in a yurt that they have built themselves on the egde of a gorgeous little forrest. The only downside was that to get there we had to do a lot of cycling UPHILL. Sunshine had his gps phone tracking thing on (so we could track our route) and it told us that we had climed 900 meters! All worth it though to end up where we did - such a gentle way of life ... sitting in the yurt eating cheese sandwiches, watching bluetits, great tits, coaltits, long-tailed tits, nuthathces, and even a greater spotted woodpecker through the window. We then went for a walk into the forrest and bumped into a startled deer (no photos as he ran off before I could get a the camera out ... you get a llama instead). Lovely afternoon and then fortunately a mostly downhill ride home.

Sunshine and I were so tired when we got home that we could barely do anything last night. Still feeling it today ... but what a great way to start the spring ...

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