Friday, 13 April 2012

Back Lounge Part 3

Although it feels like we skipped yesterday ... we didn't. We were just a bit slow going and spent the day running between stores trying to source materials, and in the afternoon doing more peeling back and dust making ... today though, on to filling and plastering! Look at all the different fillers and plasters for all the different holes we need to fill ...

And in other news, we went round the corner to our friends' David and Jodie who are also doing up their house, and Sunshine helped them pull down one of their old iron (?) gutter pipes; in exchange for David (in the green t-shirt) then coming round to us with his plastering tools and helping us do some fantastic plastering ... I mean, just
look at those holes that used to be in the fireplace ... all filled in now ... I was so mesmerised by the speed and grace a which David filled them that I completely forgot to take pictures of him at ours ... oops!

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