Monday, 18 October 2010

Brambling along - Chew Valley Lake & Stanton Drew

Those of you who know us will know about our obsession with our lovely Thorn Explorer tandem aptly named "Bramble" (Thorn? Explorer? Geddit?). We've already done well over 200 miles - our longest being to Stratford-upon-Avon and back (54 miles). Yesterday we went for a shorter ride - but my was it against gravity! North Somerset is sooooooo hilly ...

First - plan the route. The Sustrans cycle maps are great (have a look at how close together the contour lines are ... told you we were fighting gravity!

Eventually made it to Chew Valley Lake.

On the way back we had to stop at Stanton Drew. Sunshine had told me about this stone circle and the story is that they were dancers at a wedding that got turned to stone by the Devil because they kept dancing into the Sabbath ... so obviously we had to take a photo of us as petrified dancers ;)

Ah yes ... my Stanton Drew Stone Cirle...

Didn't take nearly as many photos as I would have liked - too busy enjoying the ride I guess ... Thank you for a lovely day out Sunshine :)


  1. Mid-Summers eve; it fell on a Saturday, Sue and William went to be wed,
    They had music played by a fiddler,"Lets go a dancing William" she said,
    They danced, danced, danced all around,
    Danced, danced to the fiddles sound.

    "STOP!" said the dancers, "NO" said the fiddler,
    he carried on in spite of all their wails...

    errrm, I can't remember any more of the words, can Andrew? Did he sing it to you?

  2. He did try ... I can't remember if he knew all the words either ... :D