Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The front garden ... part one

And I don't actually know if ever there will be a part two - but we had to start somewhere!


We live in a rental property so haven't really paid much attention to the front garden. Its also not a place to "hang out" in (that's what the back "yarden" is for!). In the last three years its slightly taken on a life of its own. So we thought its time we had a bit of a re-structuring. And for that, in comes, Miss Leela S, fellow dancer and friend, and horticulturist :) ... its amazing what you find out about your dance friends when you actually bother to ask what they do when they're not dancing ...

Anyways, yesterday Leela came round with her tools, and I joined in (mostly assisting rather than doing much ...). A whole day of cutting, chopping, digging, pulling and clearing.


And ....... the-morning-After:

So this is it this morning - its bizzare - feels like we've gained an extra room! The big lump is a gorgeous purple clematis. We've also left some of the roses, and moved one bush. Have left a pink fushia although that might need moving. Apart from clearing out those bags full of shruberry and dealing with clearing the 'bathtub' (on the right), its like a blank slate ... part two will hopefully be the filling of that slate ... (when we get round to it!)

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