Friday, 5 November 2010

Lucky Finds - Nymolle Hoyrup Art Faience Dish and Cup

Some of my favourite finds - a vintage limited edition Nymolle of Denmark little dish and matching little cup (slightly larger than a shot glass size) designed by Paul Hoyrup illustrating a lovely little scandinavian habour sceen ... I've not found out much about Hoyrup but all the stuff he did for Nymolle is Adorable!


  1. I've had this exact same dish for years I didn't know it had a matching cup?

  2. I just bought a box lot at an auction today 1-27-2013 for $3.00 and it had the dish in it....Wasn't sure what it was ... I bought the lot for something else in the box.... Got on the internet to check out this little plate and found it at replacements unlimited and then saw your post.