Monday, 15 November 2010

Lucky Win! Roddy cushion!

Quiet times at PlanetMithi ... we've been busy living life and enjoying the company of friends but somehow keep forgetting to take the camera with us - like our tandem trip last week to Bath to make samosas (yum!) with the lovely KimStar.

Anyways, one other lovely thing that happened this last week was that I entered a competition over at Roddy and Ginger to win one of her cushions ... really didn't espect to win - but Virginia's stuff is SO lovely and I've just been waiting to have our own house (and Ercol Studio bed/sofa) before I blew the budget on a bunch of Roddy and Ginger originals; so I thought I'd just try my luck ...

My lovely win came in the post over the weekend - doesn't Roddy look
smashing on our Ercol Windsor chair (inherited from the sister-in-law) on some Dandelion Clock by Sanderson seating?
It took us a year to get round to getting the seat cushion cut for that chair; another year to source a fabric we liked; and another further year to actually get round to cutting the fabric; plus a few months on top of that to finally sew the seat up (thank you mum for that!). Now its all done and has its own Roddy cushion too ... Happy Mithi!


  1. roddy looks quite at home here!

  2. I just left a comment on another owl-related post of yours, but then I came across this post, too! That is an awesome combination - the Dandelion Clock print is one of my favourites and it does go smashingly with that Roddy owl! Such a happy chair :)