Saturday, 10 September 2011

Front Lounge Part 9

Not a lot has happened over the week house-wise, but today Sunshine sanded the edges on and put down the rest of the available floorboards and nailed them in. This is what it looks like - notice that a full sand-back and re-stain will be required on the floor; and because we had broken boards and used the ones from the far side (bottom right of picture) of the room to fill in the gaps on the other side of the room, we now have missing boards on this side. We've put a few chipboard widths to cover the major holes but the plan is now to leave this room as is and come back to it at the end.

It is eventually going to become our studio/office. But now it will serve as storage and as a staging post for the rest of the DIY. The current studio/office is in the front room upstairs so we're going to move the office stuff down here, and any other stuff from any other room as and when we need to. We're setting up an area near the door of this room where we can pile all the DIY tools/paints/miscellaneous stuff for easy access (but out of the rest of the house). So no more front lounge updates for a while ...

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