Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hallway Part 9

Wall painting in our house is a surgical operation!!! Hahaha ... actually, I look this ridiculous because we went to the Scrapstore the other day and found lots of rejected medical supplies for sale. Got ourselves latex gloves, some operating sheets (those things you put over the patient when you operate on them... has a hole in the middle which you position over the operation site - they're massive, and are seen here as the big blue sheet on the floor doubling as dust sheet), and some surgical gowns that work fab at keeping the paint off your clothes ...

We've done the first coat of white paint on the upstairs bit of the hall, and also caulk and first coat of paint in the porch bit of the downstairs bit of the hall. The rest of the day we spend tidying the upstairs front room by packing up a lot of the office stuff and moving it downstairs; moving the sofa bed up into there (this room is going to eventually be a guestroom / chilling room); and tyding the DIY stuff out of the rest of the house and into the front lounge. Its so nice to have the house back to being in a bit more of a livable state!

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