Sunday, 23 October 2011

Front Bedroom Part 4

Day two of the weekend and we start by moving the shelves and sofabed so we can access the undone corner. On hand are the tools of choice - a thing to perforate the wallpaper to make the steam get in better; some scrapers to peel the wallpaper off; and some sponges as last bits mostly just needed a bit of soaking and cleaning off.

Once the final corner was done, I sat and slowly worked my way across that funny patch on the bottom right (of the picture below) of some strange glue residue that needed peeling away; whilst Sunshine got on with a first pass of plaster-filling some of the larger holes, dents and cracks in the wall. I must say the damage is fairly minimal and we are very lucky to have bought a house in very good condition. Our friends down the road whose steamer we keep borrowing, peeled their wallpaper off and all the plaster came of with it leaving bare brick!

Stopped before we got too tired - school night after all...

And as an aside - since I still needed to be able to work on my commission, we've set up a small studio/office in the back lounge (which is currently our living room) ... did all this only to realise we don't have easy internet access down there - so as you can see, the laptop (with wifi) is sitting on the chair on the right as I need to have web access, but I'm doing my drawing work on the desktop. Feels really roomy down there though- and I have enough space to set up the printer, scanner, wacom tablet and lightbox without constantly having to pull one thing out to make space for another ...


  1. in the bottom-most photo - is that a copy of GENES V i spy propping up your screen?!

  2. Yes, and above it is my PhD thesis ;)