Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Front Lounge Part 1

First order of the day - clear out the lounge and pile everything in other rooms in the house.

Then proceed to take off skirting boards - and then floorboards. As Sunshine pulled out the boards, I diligently hammered out all the old nails so they weren't sticking out waiting to poke the unsuspecting.

The plan is to insulate under the floor. Lucky for us we found that it was completely dry underneath and there was a concrete subfloor (these old victorian houses often only have dirt under - but ours allegedly had been re-built post-WW2 as it had been bombed; and this is turning out to be a great thing as everything is about 50-60 years old rather than over a hundred!)

Also, by the end of the day realised that leaving the sofabed in the lounge wasn't such a great idea ... thank you to Ollie for coming round on short notice and helping Sunshine maneuver it to the next room - I'm too small and weak for such jobs!

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