Saturday, 20 August 2011

Front Lounge Part 3

On the left - start taking off ceiling paper - on the right, almost at the end of taking off ceiling paper... It came off amazingly easily. And the board under is really smooth. We should be able to just clean and paint over. Yay to no more textured ceiling paper!

So, we've lost a little bit of momentum as we've got into a slight dilema about whether or not we want to buy new floorboards. There's nothing wrong with the old ones (no rot or woodworm); just that they are soft pine (meant to be under carpets), and therefor dent easily. Also we've inadvertantly broken a few in taking them up - so need to source replacements. Still undecided about what we're going to do.

Also, to get all the boards up, we had to get the skirting boards up, which meant that the radiator had to come off the walls. The radiator turned out to need a thorough clean out (it was full of the black magnetic rust that accumulates if you haven't got any inhibitor in the water). So we had to take half a day off to just flush out the whole radiator system in the house. We had to get ourselves a hose too - as we don't have an outside tap, so have never had a hose. Sunhine had to engineer a pipe under the washbowl in the back WC so we had somewhere to plumb the hose into. All such a faff! I wish the landlords had left the outside tap that was already there when we first came to see the house when we were looking to rent it. Outside tap has been included on the must-do list.

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