Friday, 26 August 2011

Hallway Part 4 DevKev Day!

Early start today - Kev came ... and proceeded to dismantle one of our walls!

Then he and Sunshine filled in any dents/holes/cracks etc with plaster filler. You can see the white plaster all over the walls in patches. These then all required sanding down - for which I shut myself in the bedroom as it was too dusty - hence no pictures.

Then he helped wallpaper our ceilings (with lining paper) with Sunshine as his able assistant ... I just took photos and looked scared.... Aaaawww lots of photos of Kev's bottom - and doesn't Sunshine look smashing with his lining paper headgear???

Kev finally also did a bit of wall-papering so that we could learn how to do it. Sunshine and I are going to do the rest ourselves (although we might leave the ceilings for Kev for when we can have him back ...)

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