Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Front Bedroom Part 7

Took these photos this morning as I can't get decent photos in the evening (when we usually finish our papering). This is what was done over all of Sunday and a bit of Monday night too. Yes, we are a bit slow - but we're being careful and thorough. All of the wall I'm backed up against (that you can't see) is done. And those 5 meter long ceiling lengths (and above the picture rail on the right and left) take a looooong time to do. It involves me pasting up a full 5 meter long length of paper; Sunshine then being up on a ladder with some of it stuck down and the rest being held up using a broom by me ... as we work our way across the room. And on the edge runs Sunshine then has to go back and mark and cut away all the paper that folds round.

We're thinking that maybe the next time we do this we set up a camera on timer with a tripod so you can see how its done. We're getting there though - and it feels like we're on the home run. Can't wait to paint it all white!!!

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