Sunday, 6 November 2011

Front Bedroom Part 9

What a weekend...

Friday night we got through ALL the papering ... woo! The whole room, including this complex wall is done (I took the photo on Saturday morning as it got a bit too late and dark to take the photo Friday night).

Saturday, I got on with the rest of the caulking that I had started on Friday night.

Whilst Sunshine got on with the first coat of paint. After I was done caulking, I joined in the painting. We make a good team - I had the roller when he had the brush and vice-versa; and one of us would get on with cleaning and tidying whilst the other was busy doing something else.

Sunday we finished off the first coat of paint and now it looks like THIS! All beautifully white ... mmmmm...

We thought we'd get further and would have started clearing out the back bedroom so we could do that next week... but we hit a wall of tiredness so instead spent large chunks of today out in the sun getting some fresh (cold!) air; fixing our shower which suddenly decided that it was not going to give us hot water; and fixing the doorbell that suddenly decided to stop working. Still, it feels like this room is finally coming together. Yay :)

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