Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Out with the old ...

and in with the new ...

Doing all this DIY has also meant a bit of a re-thinking of the amount of stuff we've accumulated. Things are being re-gifted, charity-shopped, and even thrown away. Sometimes though, the things that need throwing away due to them being on their last legs (ha ha pun intended) are very difficult to throw away as they have no replacement.

I find it hard to find shoes that I like. And when I do, I tend to hang on to them for years ... even when they are barely wearable ... take the camper Mary Janes on the top left. I LUUUUUURVE them ... they are SO comfy - and the best thing for cycling in. BUT, their bottoms have split and water gets in. And even the threads have started coming apart.

I've spent months stalking ebay for them - but they just don't appear (and on the odd occasions they have, they have been the wrong size). I think I've found one online shop in Spain that possibly stocks them ... so the other day this other pair of Camper Mary Janes appeared on ebay. They're not the same; and don't have any nice red accents; but they they're cute enough.

Then my red Birkenstocks ... oh my goodness have I had them for a long time. Infact I think I bought this with Sunshine about a month after we started going out. Again, they have been worn to smithereens. Sunshine keeps threatening to throw them away - he even complains (albeit jokingly) to my mum about them! He's made me buy a new pair (the brown ones) which I've now had for at least 2 years .... but I still keep going back to my old ones. They are like old friends ... they have the stains of white paint from my degree show to remnants of the wallpaper that we peeled off in all this DIY stuck to them.

Anyways, the old shoes are going. The Campers are going in the rubbish collection this week; and I've promised to let go of the red Birkenstocks when the DIY is done. This is my homage to them... I had to take photos of them before I gave them up... I will miss you shoesies...


  1. Birkenstocks are resoleable and the uppers can be reconditioned. Check out their website for a list of mail order or local repair persons. Don't get rid of your old friends.

  2. Not these ones ... the cork is worn through and they won't replace them. You think I haven't asked them yet? These pair needed all three bits (soles, cork and uppers) replaced - thats the whole shebang! ... hence bought the new ones 2 years go.

  3. I am very glad to see them go too!!!! Hurrah to the replacements!