Thursday, 10 November 2011

Kev Day

Kev was visiting again today to give us a bit of a push with the DIY ... So, you have:

Front Bedroom Part 11

I was shown how to mask off the wood from the carpet neatly, then Kev proceeded to paint the skirting boards at super-fast speed.

Hallway Part 10

This mess of wires really needed to get sorted - Sunshine was going to do it, but decided that Kev would be far better and faster at it ...

And while he was in the hall, he finished off papering the bulk of the left over walls and ceilings.

Bathroom Part 5

Unfortunately, even with all this moving forward, we had one room where things went backward ... there were two spots in the bathroom where the paint was not sticking properly. Kev pulled it all back and the reality is those two bits of plaster are not drying. He thinks he's dealt with one issue but, but we still need to look into what the issue is by the window. Anyways, it just means our lovely white bathroom has two blotchy patches again ... it needs to dry out before we can refill and re-paint.

At least everything has moved on a bit ...

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